Peutz Jeghers Syndrome (PJS) & LKB1 (STK11) 


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These great minds are willing to work together for this common good to benefit all.  We must support them with what we can so they can achieve this objective sooner than later. Funding is immediately needed for them to advance research and studies.

Our team of scientists, researchers and other medical professionals are readily available to join any fund raising group meetings.   Please contact us today to make the arrangements. 

We have intentionally kept this site simple and to the point so that all our participants from around the world could easily understand what we are focused on and how we are going to get there. If you need additional information, please contact us.  


                                We are truly grateful for your Financial Assistance!

Financial assistance is needed so that our medical professionals can further research and develop effective treatments, stop polyp formation

and ultimately cure PJS and LKB1 tumor suppressor mutations.

Millions of people are suffering and facing life threatening conditions as a result of genetic mutations involving LKB1 (STK11).  In the case of PJS, many people are living without proper diagnosis and screening due to lack of medical awareness and often confusing or masked clinical symptoms.  There is often a sudden, serious, surgical intervention that unfolds as a result of excessive bleeding, intussusception, obstruction or even cancer! Our team of medical professionals are of the opinion that solving PJS will also assist with solving LKB1 gene mutations present in lung cancer, pancreatic cancer and others.

​For years, our approach has been to first fully understand what we are dealing with, in an effort to know what will be necessary to fix the issue.  Extensive research and numerous meetings with physicians, scientists and researchers world-wide, along with our own PJS medical journey  has lead us to this point.  To date, we have funded this project and now need your help to realize the very promising opportunities that our team can provide.