Peutz Jeghers Syndrome (PJS) & LKB1 (STK11) 


If you are dealing with other circumstances, be sure to still reach out to us.  

We could have other means to assist you and your goals. 

"Stay ahead and limit the What Ifs!"​
Supportive Comments & Professional Medical Teams for Cures
Awareness, Screening & Nutrition for Healthier Lifestyles

“Dear Medical Professionals, 
Please identify effective means to stop polyp formation and deter cancerous events.  Ultimately, please reverse our mutated tumor suppressor gene, LKB1.”

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Voices, Support & Awareness

Dear friends, special thanks to all those who have already offered their Statements of Support and Need for Assistance!  

The only thing we need at this time are your Voices!

This will tremendously help with increasing fund raising and awareness, both of which are required to get PJS more on the map! 

We will continue to always keep things simple and to the point with full transparency. Research and studies could also involve free complete genetic testing for advancement of Exon studies. We will be sure to inform you if and when these services are offered so that you can decide if you like to participate.  

Bottom line is that there are many medical professionals joining in these efforts coupled with advanced technologies for the purposes of finding cures for the benefit of everyone.   We understand there are those of you that want to be anonymous and those that have limited resources. For these reasons, we have made it very simple.  Everyone can participate by just Voicing their support and need for assistance with just few statements.  All you have to do is Voice your support and need for assistance!

The Time Is Now. Are you going to live with “what ifs” or are you going to do something about it?  We have the numbers and soon will also have the funding in place so these great medical minds can make our Objective and Mission (Cures) a Reality. 

Remember, the louder we are the better and the sooner we could achieve our objectives.  We strongly believe that with today’s best of the best medical minds and technology everything is possible. Together we will get this done soon.